Are You Tired of the Never-Ending Cleaning Battles in your ?

Discover the Hassle-Free Way to Achieve a Sparkling Clean Everywhere You Need!

We know how it feels. The dust bunnies under the sofa seem to multiply overnight, crumbs from yesterday’s snack time adventure still lurk in the car seats, and the messes that play hide-and-seek in the most unreachable corners.

Just the thought of cleaning feels like you’re about to wrestle a big, bulky and stubborn giant just to keep your home tidy. It’s like every day is a rematch and your old vacuum cleaner is not the loyal companion you wish for in this cleaning saga.

Ever found yourself spending what feels like an eternity, trying to chase down that last bit of dirt hiding in the nooks and crannies? Oh, how the minutes tick away as you maneuver your hefty vacuum around, almost breaking a sweat before the first trace of clean can be seen.

But what if cleaning could be less of a battle and more of a breeze?

What if you could wave a magic wand and watch the mess vanish, leaving behind a sparkling clean space?

Worry not, for the magic solution is right here to turn the tides in your favor! 

The Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner!

Say hello to your New Best Friend

in conquering the daily cleaning battles

Unlike the traditional big vacuums that burn a hole in your pocket,

This sleek warrior is designed to swoop into those hard-to-reach places and chase away every trace of dirt, crumbs, and messes that have been taunting you.

With its high-power suction head, it dives into cushion cracks, door holders, car seats, and every nook and cranny where messes love to hide.

Imagine having a magic wand, but instead of spells, it casts away dirt, dust, and crumbs in a snap, leaving behind a sparkling clean space!

See Our Product

In action

Get cleaning done

In seconds

The powerful motor creates the perfect suction at the point of contact with any surface, gobbling up messes so fast, you’ll have more time for fun, family, and relaxation!

Wide range of


Whether it’s cleaning your desk space, electronic devices, furniture and upholstery, or even deflating your air bed and party balloons, this little powerhouse is up for the task!

Cleaner and Healthier


It uses a durable HEPA filter which boasts double filtering with two-stage filters ensuring optimal filtration and enhanced air quality.
The easy-to-clean filters separate large particles and fine dust, promoting a cleaner, healthier environment for you and your loved ones. They are easily detached and cleaned after prolonged use, eliminating frequent replacement. 

Portable and


Its compact yet sturdy design reduces palm strain while cleaning, making it a breeze to carry on-the-go, anywhere you go!

Hear From Happy Customers

Breath of Fresh Air in My Space Again


I’ve been working from home for a while now but not too productively as I don’t spends as much time I should in my working space I don’t know if this is as a result of accumulated dust on my desk and debris all over my keyboard that I don’t even know of to get rid of. This vacuum cleaner came in handy.
Working in a clean workspace makes me enjoy what I do even more.

My cleanup buddy that follows me everywhere I go


Every day, I pick up my little one from school, and oh, the mess he brings into the car with snacks and mud! I used to dread cleaning up the car seats and floor mats. That’s until I got the Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner. Now, it’s a breeze to quickly tidy up the car before we head home. It’s so lightweight and easy to use, I sometimes let my son do the cleaning as a fun activity. The vacuum’s portability means I can keep it in the car and it’s always there when I need it. It’s a lifesaver for this busy mom!

Great Purchase! Worth a second buy!!


I like the fact that this vacuum cleaner is small but mighty, I take it everywhere I go even in my car.

The suction power is good, works like magic, makes it easy to get to places where it is almost impossible to clean.

Without a doubt it was worth every dime spent.

And thank you, Vivon store for the amazing gift as well.

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This handy gadget is designed to help locate commonly misplaced items such as keys, wallets, phones, or other valuables. 

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Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priority!

Frequently Asked Question

It can last up to an hour on a full charge. Even better, it only takes a couple of minutes to fully charge.

Yes, there is an included HEPA filter in the package.

The filter is washable and does not necessarily need to be replaced.

The dust container and filter are detachable, making it easy to empty and clean.

Absolutely yes!

Yes, the vacuum cleaner is versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces including upholstery, car interiors, hard surfaces, and electronics.

It uses the standard micro USB cable.

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